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The Musika Dell'Act

Saturday, May 5th 2007

Hello Everyone,

Jougauche theatre is proud to introduce his baby: La Musika Dell'Act.

What is it? It is an experimental theatre where the comedians meet the musicians. They both improvise on subjects of any matters. They can dance, sing and laugh all at the sounds of music. It is hilarious and quite unique. It looks almost like a movie. Sometimes you cry and some other time you burst into laughs. It is hard to describe, you have to experience it. The shows are hosted at Café Chaos, 2031 St-Denis street between Sherbrooke and Ontario. Shows are starting at 20:00. 5$ Cover charge. It's a French show.

Dates: May 8th, May 22nd, May 29th, June 5th and June 12th.

Stage direction by Rony Prévost

Musical conducting by Jérôme Savoie

Comedians: Francis Cloutier, Geneviève Fontaine, Gabrielle Giasson-Dulude, Stéphane Guertin, Josée Lacombe, Véronique Pascal, Vanessa Pilon.

Musicians: Paul Fraisse (clarinette), Émilie Girard-Charest (cello), Pierre-Luc Gibault (electric guitar), Yuki Isami (flute), Pierre-Olivier Montiglio (electric guitar), Natasha Poirier (voice) and Christine Toupin (saxophone).


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