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Last updated: February 12, 2003

Singer-Songwriter, Actor, Teacher

Toucan, a nickname that he deserved at the time of the scouts and is still the symbol, which describes him best. Bird rare and colorful, free and at the same time exuberant, engaged and #uncatchable#. Jerome is a key with all.

Jerome exploits all possibilities and challenges. He has studied guitar, piano, singing, percussions, trombone and other instruments, which he says he has not accomplished yet.

He began his career 11 years ago with funny birds: Les Vilains Pingouins. At that particular time he was doing a show with college friends at collège Notre-Dame for the Carnival. With his friends, they formed 2000 Sabords, a rock'n'roll group with world beat influences, French songwriters and heavy metal. Arrangements used the violin and the trombone to give interesting variety and colors to the music.

From 92-95, 2000 Sabords were quite busy giving performances in colleges and bars. A versatile band that could play at any event from Galas to Weddings. The band also participated in contests. With 2000 Sabords, Jerome developed his talents of frontman as solo guitarist and lead singer.

From 92-99, Jerome studied music at St. Laurent College and McGill University. There his main study was opera and jazz. His instrument voice jazz and classical. Arrangement, traditional composition and orchestration were the courses, which influenced him the most.

During his studies Jerome performed in operas, musicals and plays where he made acquaintance with Kevin Armstrong singer/songwriter, and soon became close friends. In 1997 Jerome and Kevin journeyed across Canada. During this time they performed in several cities across Canada and the United States. With Kevin, Jerome discovered the English culture in his subtleties. Also, he discovered folk music and its instruments: banjo, mandolin, and dulcimer.

At McGill University it is there that he made recordings in studio with students in sound technology or composition. These projects will permit him to familiarize himself with the equipment and the trade of producer and vocal coach. Projects of film music, musicals or solo work, Jerome will familiarize himself with several musical styles and he developed the mastering of correcting mini-details. During his academic studies, Jerome impassioned himself for the Argentinean tango. He followed courses during nearly 2 years and he took part in the filming of the televised series Juliette Pomerleau as a dancer and an extra. The tango influenced the compositions of Jerome from his Latin colors, its instrumentation and by the freedom of the musical forms always changing. Choral music will also occupy a significant place during his studies and he would sing in many churches.

In 1999, Jerome accompanied the group Wayward Souls for 6 months, as guitarist and back vocal singer. With this group Jerome found taste for the rock'n'roll scene at the time of 2000 Sabords. Wayward Souls brought him to performing different events such as a benefit with the radio station Mix 96.

From 2000 to 2002, Jerome devoted his career path to teaching voice, guitar, piano and drums. With all his engagements as a teacher, he nevertheless found time to make some recordings in studio for himself and others. He also coached artists in song and diction. On stage, Jerome did much folk singing in Montreal's bars. He took part in some contests and he auditioned for many musicals. Through all these projects, Jerome took time to perfect his formation while following lessons : piano, guitar, classical singing, Tibetan monks singing and theatre.

In 2002, Jerome presented "Histoires naïves, de pouce et de sexe" to the Fringe Festival of Montreal, a one-man show, which he wrote. It was then for him an experiment to familiarize himself with stage directing and publicity. At the end of September, he made an incarnation of Elvis at a private performance. In October, he took part in a short movie by Kevin Armstrong: "Satan Slaughter 6" a comedy of horror, which parodies directors who take themselves too seriously with film business.

2003 Jerome devotes himself to the writing of a French and an English album.

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